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             THE GYPSY

Adam Cain: Big, dangerous, more than a little cynical.

The Gypsy: Beautiful, deadly, alone against an army of assassins. One step ahead of the FBI, two steps ahead of the men who are trying to kill her.  

Maybe she doesn't have to fight alone.

All Cain wanted that night was to have a few beers with his best friend, forget about the Army, forget about Afghanistan, and forget that his girlfriend had just walked out on him. When a beautiful woman sat down next to him at the bar he thought maybe his luck had finally changed for the better. Then four men walked into the club and started shooting people.

A mass shooting, an FBI coverup, and a madman with his own militia. Adam Cain is caught in the middle, with only one person to trust, the enigmatic woman that calls herself "The Gypsy".





His best friend's been murdered, an old flame needs his help, and her little sister has definitely grown up! A wry tale of intrigue, deception, and two people that can't help falling in love.

​Point Road, home of the obscenely wealthy, and the beautiful Angela Jeffries. When their best friend is murdered, Angela begs Slater to take the case. Maggie, the little sister he barely remembers, offers to help. It turns out, the feisty redhead is one hell of an investigator. As their feelings turn romantic, Maggie and Slater follow a trail of deception and murder, hoping to prove their dead friend innocent of what they fear most. No one is safe, and the men involved will stop at nothing to cover their tracks, tracks that will lead the pair into the grim world of human trafficking, and expose the darkest secrets of Point Road. 

AVAILABLE IN: Paperback, Ebook & Audiobook



Slater and Maggie take on organized crime and the man that killed Slater's best friend to stop the trafficking of young girls on the Florida coast. A young woman disappears, a teenaged girl is sold into prostitution, and one of their own is kidnapped. It's time to put an end to those responsible. 

AVAILABLE IN: Paperback, Ebook & Audiobook



Hurricane Irma tore through the Florida Keys in 2017, leaving a path of death and destruction in its wake. Isla Dunbar set out ahead of the storm, determined to save the sailboat that carried her dead mother's name. The "Caroline" went down 15 miles off the Florida coast, and Isla was presumed lost. But was she? Two tears later, Isla's most prized possession, her mother's necklace, appears on Roland Dunbar's doorstep. Is it a cruel hoax, or could his daughter still be alive?

Eric Slater and his partner Maggie tackle their most perplexing case yet when they travel to the Keys, hoping to fulfill a dying man's last wish and return his only heir. Maggie does battle with a shark, and Slater fight his own demons when Jasmine is attacked. Even "Old Eli" the ghost lends a hand. 

AVAILABLE IN: Paperback, Ebook & Audiobook



When Slater steps in to help a woman being harassed by a gang member, he makes a dangerous enemy, and befriends a small boy. When the woman is found dead, Maggie and Slater are both suspects, but there are plenty of other possibilities.

Slater gets played, Maggie adopts some unusual pets, and Jasmine proves she deserves to be on the team. But when the ten year old boy he's befriended is kidnapped, Slater goes after the leader of the gang, and it's up to Maggie to prevent another murder. More mystery, romance, and hijinks on the Florida coast.

AVAILABLE IN: Paperback, Ebook, and Audible


           SLATER'S GAME

             People are dying mysteriously at Hidden Fairways, and it's not from Covid.

          Eric Slater has never played a round of golf in his life, but the teams latest case is all about the game, so it looks like he's going to have to learn. 

Hidden Fairways, a beautiful, exclusive golf course development for the rich, famous, and morally challenged.  A place where the obscenely wealthy can play their silly game, cheat on their spouses, and pretend the outside world doesn't exist. But Hidden Fairways isn't the paradise it pretends to be, and a secret from the past is threatening its most wealthy citizens. 

Slater and Partners go uncover for this one, posing  as prospective members. There's just one problem with their plan, Slater can't seem to fix his slice!


T.J. Jones

About the Author

T.J. Jones is a Minnesota based author and speaker with multiple published novels in the Mystery, Thriller, and Romance genres. He writes character driven entertaining stories with humor, heart, and a social conscience.  Happy endings are guaranteed!

T.J. is available for author talks and writing themed speaking engagements.  

Follow him on Facebook or send him an email at tjjoneswtr@outlook.com


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